4 STEPS on How To Gain An Extra 10 Hours A Week…Just for YOU!

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How to Gain 10 Extra Hours Per Week…Just for YOU! with Diane Forster

Doesn’t 10 extra hours per week sound heavenly? What would you do with all that extra time for you to use just for yourself? Does that sound greedy? Selfish? Unattainable? Well it’s actually easier than you think. You deserve it and you should have it!

What would you do with 10 extra hours per week? Think about the things that you like to do but don’t seem to find the time or have the time to do them. For example, do you like to play golf or tennis?  Do you enjoy spending time at the beach?  Is your favorite pass time playing video games?  What about ten extra hours of sleep each week?  What would that do for the overall quality of your life and health?  Perhaps you’d enjoy going out with friends more, or out to dinner more, to the movies, street festivals, bike riding, listening to live music. There are so many wonderful options to choose from!

Well, it’s a lot easier than you think.  With a some well thought out planning, a little bit of daydreaming (hey, there’s another use for that extra time!), and some determination, you can actually enjoy these precious hours and have them be guilt free! 

Step 1

Spend some time writing down the things that you enjoy doing. Go back to your childhood days and think about the things you used to love to do from age 0 to 10. Then think about the things you used to love to do ages 10 to 20. Try to remember what you were doing that made you lose track of time. You were having so much fun that hours could go by but it felt like minutes.  This exercise will help you reconnect with the child and the playfulness that’s within you.

Step 2

Think about all the things that you do during the day that are wasting your time. How many times a day do you check your email? How many minutes, or hours, are you on social media? Do you spend time during the day doing activities that somebody else could be doing for you? If you get a handle on this, I think you’ll realize just how much time is spent on these activities that truly don’t bring any fulfillment to your life.

Step 3

Get out your calendar and for the next few days write down the most significant thing you’ve done in each hour. Start with the first thing in the morning, say at 6 AM in the morning, right down at 7 AM what was the most significant thing you did in that first hour. At 8 AM, do the same thing, and so on throughout your day. You’ll start to see a pattern after a few days of how you’re using your time.

Step 4

Decide when and how you’d like to split up these 10 hours each week. It could be that you’d like to extra hours per day during the week. Or, perhaps you’d like five extra hours on Saturday and Sunday. Spend some time thinking how these extra hours would best serve you in your life because that will determine where the areas are in your life that need the adjustment the most.

Take the time and do these four steps today, and I’ll be back with the next blog that will explain some of the “rules” on how to gain back your precious time!  HAVE FUN with this!!!  Life is supposed to be FUN!!!


Quote:  Time stays long enough for those who use it.  Leonardo Da Vinci

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