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Worry is a wasted, wasted emotion. Worry means you’re living in your future. You’re not living in your now. So when we’re worried, we’re not having faith and trust that things are supposed to be working out for us. They are supposed to be working out for us.

How many times have you asked yourself questions that highlight the achievements, success, relationships that you DON’T have? Why don’t I have a husband? How can I keep the weight off? Why am I always late? Our mindset, emotions, and language are all inextricably linked. They determine what shows up in our lives. Shifting our mindset will alter our emotions and communication, manifesting the things we want, instead of keeping us stuck in unfulfilled lives. The focus of our time today is all about the power of asking the right questions!

In this episode, I give three statements, three questions to start asking yourself to shift your mindset, and change the message that you are communicating to the universe.

Love it! Statement – Why do I get everything I want?

Thank it! Statement – Why does my list of things to be grateful for keep growing?

Bring it! Statement – How can life possibly be this good?

When we ask questions, our subconscious starts searching for all the files, all the stored memories and experiences, and then it goes out of its way to make sure that that’s coming into our lives, that your day and your life is actually getting better… it’s really important to be asking yourself the right questions.

What Questions Do You Ask Yourself?

Below are three steps to take today to start changing your mindset, and changing the things that are manifesting in your life.

  1. Turn Worry into Wonder.
  2. Replace “I am” or “I was” with “the person I used to be.”
  3. Create questions that put your subconscious to work for you

So my question to you is, what’s showing up in your life? Are you manifesting financial success, fulfilled relationships, a healthy lifestyle? If not, it’s time to take a look at the questions you’re asking yourself!

“The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge.” – Thomas Berger

Each week, we end our episode with a mantra meditation. This is a fun, transformative way for you to apply the concepts from discussed to your life right now. Start changing the questions you ask yourself. Start shifting your mindset. Listen now to start seeing abundance and success manifest in your life!

“It’s by being happy and making that decision to come from a place of happiness and love that me, myself, and I, this one little person, can have a profound effect on the entire world. And that is the way I choose to live.”

Some Topics we talk about in this episode:

  • Introduction – 0:02
  • You’re Asking the Wrong Questions – 5:17
  • Turn Your Worry to Wonder – 8:10
  • Replace “I was” with “the person I used to be” – 11:44
  • Put Your Subconscious to work! – 16:10
  • Love it! Thank it! Bring it! Statements – 21:53
  • Wrap-up and Takeaways – 26:30

How to get involved

  • Email info@dianeforster.com for a PDF guiding through the process of transforming the questions you’re asking yourself, and for access to my 30 Day Challenge!  

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