How to Give Yourself Permission to be Happy

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I was interviewing Forbes Riley for the World Manifestation Summit on her definition of manifest and how the power of manifestation has contributed to Forbes’ massive success.  She told me that the reason for her success is by going after whatever she wanted and never asking anybody for permission to do anything.  Now, that is powerful.  […]

Fair is Fair_ 3 Lessons I Learned from my Dad

Fair is Fair: 3 Lessons I Learned from my Dad

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When I wrote about the Lessons I Learned from my Mom before her passing, I wrote it on the day that is now what I call my “Second Birthday.” It was the day that marked me being alive longer than my mom lived. Your responses to me were so overwhelming! They were so heart-felt and […]

Plan for the Future, but Live for Today! with Diane Forster

Plan for the Future, but Live for Today!

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Do you spend too much of your time thinking about the future? Do you worry about not having enough money, getting sick, something bad happening, losing your home, not finding true love? Are any of these fears, or something like them, part of your daily life? If so, it means you’re spending too much time […]

Setting Intentions and Outcomes with Diane Forster

Setting Intentions and Outcomes

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Manifesting, outcomes and setting intentions “shows up” in every area of our life.  Once we realize that, we can then figure out how to set powerful intentions all day long to reach our desired outcomes in EVERY SITUATION. Creating manifestations is so much FUN!  We all have the power to deliberately create in our lives.  […]