People Can Tell When You’re Faking It!

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Ok, so…get your mind out of the gutter, or bedroom, or wherever it is right now! That is NOT what I’m talking about! I’m talking about your IMAGE, your BRAND, and your INTENTION. I had Karlos Copara, Brand Expert and “Creative Fireball” on my show last week. Watch the episode of I HAVE TODAY with […]

How to Get Over Your Self-Doubt and Be Seen Diane Forster

How to Get Over Your Self-Doubt and Be Seen

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Painful experiences from your past can have a ripple effect on how you “show up” in your life. I recently interviewed JuliAnn Stitick, Personal Brand Expert, on my show, “I Have Today with Diane Forster.”  JuliAnn is one of those women that is completely put together and always looks perfect.  That was not always the […]