The Ripple Effect: 3 Ways to Make a Better Impression

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Like the drop of water on a calm lake can have an infinite effect on the body of water, so do we!  How is this showing up in your life?  What is your “ripple effect” on others?  What’s the impression you are leaving people with?  And, as a result, what are you attracting in to your life based on the energy you are emitting out to the world?  Figuring out how to make a better impression is worth exploring.

As spiritual beings having a human experience, our energy fields, and our thoughts and words, are a direct reflection of what shows up in our lives.  What we “put out” ripples out into the universe, and those who are on the same vibrational wave will align with it.  But, those that don’t can miss “seeing” you altogether.

You want to attract a soul mate?  Get that job?  Land that account?  Win that award? Be accepted into the club?  Here are three ways to heighten your awareness on the ripple effect you have and the impression you make.

Set the Intention to Be the Biggest Energy in the Room!

Before you walk into any situation…the board room, the meeting, the date, the classroom, the party, the networking event…take a few moments before you enter the room to become present and then expand your energy and say aloud “I am the biggest, brightest energy in the room.”  (If you don’t know how to expand your energy, send me an email at and put in “Energy Expansion” in the subject line.  We can schedule an appointment for me to teach you.  This is SO POWERFUL!)

What that does is it creates that desired “ripple effect” as soon as you walk in the room.  People can’t help but feel your energy and your presence and notice you.  People will be drawn to you and want to interact with you.  Ladies, if you are at a singles mixer, the men are going to be drawn to you!  Your confidence will be highly elevated and your presence will light up the room!

The purpose…GET NOTICED!  In a crowd of mediocrity, be the shining star that stands out!

Understand How Fast Energy Moves with Pam Grout’s “Alby-Einstein” Experiment

In Pam Grout’s book, “E-Squared,” Pam writes about nine do-it-yourself energy experiments.  Number 3 is called ‘The Alby Einstein Principle.”  In the experiment, you take a wire hanger, cut it in half, take the cardboard tube, cut it in half, and basically make two “guns” with the hangar.  Then, while holding one in each hand by the cardboard tubes, the wire swings around loosely.  The next step is to focus on good feeling thoughts, then bad feeling thoughts, and watch how the wire part of the “guns” moves in and out with your thoughts.

The purpose…to show you how we move energy IMMEDIATELY based on our thoughts and our words!  It’s so powerful!  When we focus on good thoughts and words, the energy opens up wide and creates a powerful ripple effect of good energy out into the universe, which allows all of that goodness to come into our lives.  But, when we focus our thoughts and words on bad energy, the space gets closed off immediately…blocking anything good from coming into our lives!  It’s the coolest experiment in the book!

If you’d like to see the experiment in action, watch me demonstrating it live on my webinar.

Can you see how you might use this knowledge in your life?  Can you visualize how powerful your thoughts and words are.  This will help you catch yourself when you slip up now and then, which we all do.  But, your recovery time will be so much quicker!

Take Notice of the Top Five Relationships in Your Life

If you want an indication of how you are “showing up” and the ripple effect and impression you are having on people, take a look at the five closest people around you and you’ll get a clear picture of it.  Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do the people I surround myself with lift me up or bring me down?
  2. Do I really like and feel supported by the people I surround myself with?
  3. Am I spending time with people because I want to or because I feel obligated to?
  4. Is this the pond I want to be swimming in?

 Answer those questions honestly.  If you don’t like the answers you get, it’s time to look in the mirror and ask yourself some tough questions:

  1. What could I be doing differently to attract more of the people and things I want in my life?
  2. Where might I need to love myself more and boost my positive energy to be more of a magnetic attractor to what I truly want?
  3. What would it take for me to feel worthy of amazing relationships and to live an empowered, happier life being seen the way I want to be seen?

 The purpose…If you want to live an empowered, intentional, happy life, in every area of your life, which is what I teach, then you need to be fiercely committed to NOT wasting a single moment of your life with people and things that bring you down!  When we get dragged down, our ripple effect, and the impression we leave with others, gets dragged down, too.  Life is too short to spend any time around others who don’t lift us up and elevate us.  But, in order for that to happen, we must first look in the mirror about what we are attracting in.  It’s tough love, but it’s so important to living an authentic life!  It’s so worth it, and so are YOU!

Implement these steps into your life and let me know the results you are experiencing.  When you make these small, subtle changes, week after week, they have a powerful, massive impact on your life, getting you closer and closer to getting everything you want!  I love hearing your transformational stories!

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Quote: “You must so impress others that they will feel that in associating with you they will get increase for themselves.”  Wallace D. Wattles