Reach Your Greatness




Diane Forster has joined best-selling author James Malinchak along with a select group of leading entrepreneurs and professionals, to contribute to the book, Reach Your Greatness! This NEW “Game-Changing Book” REVEALS How You Can Attract More Opportunities, Achieve Bigger Goals and Create More Abundance!

The foreword is by Kevin Harrington, Original Shark on the Hit TV Show, Shark Tank and Inventor of the Infomercial ($5 Billion in Sales on TV), and says: “In this idea-packed book, you will learn tips, ideas and strategies that will empower you to strive for greatness so you can achieve extraordinary results!”

Attract More Opportunities, Achieve Bigger Goals & Create More Abundance!

“Read this book and unleash your success greatness!” —Forbes Riley, “The Queen of Selling on TV” (Sold $2.5 Billion dollars worth of products on TV)
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