The Power of The Shower: 3 Steps to Capitalize on Your Genius Ideas

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According to Business Insider, 72% of people get their best ideas in the shower!  Do you ever notice all your genius ideas come to you when you’re in the shower?  The greatest ideas, inventions, songs, memories, speeches, and solutions to problems!  Noah St. John came up with the idea behind his book “Afformations” while he was in the shower.  There is so much brilliance that comes out of us in the shower!  Why is that?

Genius ideas happen instantaneously! These solutions, thoughts, and creative ideas happen for everyone and not just to so-called geniuses.  They are never forced.  They come at the exact moment they are meant to come, and they happen when we are in a relaxed state…like in the shower.

There are several reasons why those ideas come to us in the shower:

Taking a shower is routine, so there isn’t any real thought needed.  That frees up your subconscious, which allows your mind the opportunity for other thoughts to float in.

The warm water is very relaxing, which puts your body and mind at ease and more receptive to new thoughts and ideas.  The pre-frontal cortex, which is responsible for decisions, goals and behaviors, goes to work

It’s a form of meditation because our brains enter the alpha state.  The added dopamine kicks in, which is associated with creativity and flow. 

Actually, Our brains are MORE active when we allow them to wander!  Trying to force thinking doesn’t work.

This relaxed state of mind is important for receiving our creative insights and genius.  At that time, our minds aren’t cluttered with the millions and millions of thoughts that run throughout them during the day.  We are shut off from the mind chatter when we are in the shower.  For many people, taking a shower is the most relaxing time of the day for them.  Some days, I just can’t seem to get out of the shower because I’m so relaxed and I have so many thoughts and ideas coming through.  I do a lot of my writing in the shower…my blog topics, my speeches, etc.  I also create a lot of products in there.  I hash out challenges and design conversations.  It’s such a productive use of time!

What do you observe about your own experiences in the shower?  How can you capitalize on this process now that you’re aware of it and know how valuable this time is?  What can you do to make the most of the brilliant ideas that come to you in this meditative, relaxed state?  Here are three steps to help.

Make sure you can capture the “Genius”

Bring your phone or recording device in the bathroom with you!  Hit record before you hop in.  That way, if something brilliant comes to you, you can shout it out loud and capture it.  There’s nothing worse than coming up with a brilliant idea but being unable to write it down or record it.  Have you noticed that after you receive a thought like that and you try and remember it later, it’s gone?  The reason that happens is because we go from being in an altered state of relaxation and being connected to our inner selves back to “reality.”  We put too much emphasis on trying to remember the thought.  Thereby, forcing the thought right out of our minds.  That can be frustrating.  So, having a recording device ready and waiting is a great way to capture all of your brilliance!

Enhance Your Ability to Receive Even MORE “Genius”

Use the time when you are in the shower to pray for answers to your questions.  Now that you know what a powerful time of the day this is for receiving “genius” ideas and answers, it’s the perfect time to ask for what it is you want.  Ask for what is the best path to what you want.  Ask anything you want!  You get to decide!  Then, release the questions.  Let the thoughts, ideas, words, pictures float into your mind as you continue your normal routine in the shower.  It’s your own little church and your safe-haven while you’re in there.  Embrace the gift of opportunity in there.  Trust that the answers to your questions and prayers will come.

Create Other Opportunities to Receive “Genius”

Utilize that form of relaxation and meditative state you experience in the shower and find ways to reach that state at other times in your day.  The shower is a time when we literally become a receiving portal to all our creativity and bolts of inspiration.  But, this “genius” isn’t exclusive to spending time in the shower.  We can get into that state in many other ways:

  • Meditating
  • Driving
  • Talking walks
  • Cleaning
  • Vacuuming
  • Sitting on a park bench
  • Sleeping

Paul McCartney woke up with the song “Yesterday” in his head.  I woke up with the poem “I Have Today” in my head, and it started the whole movement and the company.

I have observed that sitting out on my patio with the sun beating down on me gets me into a very relaxed state.  I notice that I get many great ideas when I’m out there.  I also get a TON of brilliant ideas when I’m driving on the open road.  I keep my phone nearby and hit the record button.  That way, I never miss a moment of brilliance!

One final important thought…this should not be stressful!  Don’t feel like you HAVE to take a journal or notepad with you on every walk you take or every time you go sit in a park.  Chances are you have your phone with you everywhere you go, so you’ll always have a way to type or record your ideas.  Let them come to you whenever they come to you.  The important thing is to record them.  Then, pay attention to two key points:

Not every idea is meant to be acted upon, so relax about it.

If you notice a thought you continue to have over and over again, that is a sign to take action.

Brilliance received in the shower is just one of the miraculous gifts God has given us the ability to do.  As “creators” (and we are ALL “creators”), finding new ways to tap into the brilliance is part of the journey and part of the fun!  Now you can enjoy your showers even more!

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Quote:  Everyone who’s ever taken a shower has an idea. It’s the person who gets out of the shower, dries off and does something about it who makes a difference.”  Nolan Bushnell