How to Master the Art of Magnetic Manifestation

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Diane Forster Intentional Living Expert

I love the power of manifestation!  But, what is manifestation?  How does it work?  Why does it work better for some people than it does for other people?  How can it work for YOU???

I’m going to show you how you can tap into your own manifestation skills to create the life of your dreams in EVERY area of so you can HAVE IT ALL!

Manifest means to display or show (a quality or feeling) by one’s acts or appearance; to demonstrate; be evidence of; prove; become apparent through the appearance of symptoms.  Simply put as it relates to the Law of Attraction, manifestation is the process of thoughts turning into things.

So, how can you dial up your manifestation skills to attract more of the things you WANT into your life and less of the things you don’t want.

What do you want? Is it…

To be in a romantic relationship?

To be healthy and well?

To be wealthy and financially free?

To have a career that you love?

To feel inspired every day?

To be happy?

To be able to live in the present moment without thinking about the past or worrying about the future?

To be so in love with life you can’t believe it???

Well, you can HAVE IT ALL!!!  There is nothing stopping you, other than your limiting beliefs!  Let’s consider all that exists in the world today.  Every single thing started out as a thought or an idea.  By the time the thought or idea has manifested, the object to which the thought or idea came from has ALREADY been created vibrationally!  The non-physical creation of it is ALREADY DONE!  As Bob Proctor says, “If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand.”  EVERYTHING is a creation of thought first.

Here are three ways to get you there:

Focus on Where You Are Going and What You Want, Not on Where You Are and What You Have

Take out a piece of paper and on the bottom left side of the page, draw a circle.  Inside of the circle, write “YOU ARE HERE” just like you see on directory signs.  Next, draw a big circle at the top right side of the page.  Inside, write “WHAT YOU WANT.”  Then, draw an arrow from the first circle to the second circle.

When you want something, think about this diagram.  Picture this in your mind, and focus your thoughts and your words on what it is you WANT, not what you HAVE.  Keep thinking about the BIG CIRCLE in the upper right corner of the page.  Let that become your “trigger” for remembering to focus all of your energy and attention on what you want!   You can’t get what it is you long for from the same thinking place where you are.  You must be thinking about your DESIRED OUTCOME.

Talk About Your Life As If You Already Have What You Want

This creates magnetic manifestation.  If you’re running a new business, talk about it as if it’s already wildly successful.  Talk about your HEALTH, not your sickness.  Talk about your relationships exclusively from a place of love and admiration.  If you’re in a relationship that is 80% of what you want, but 20% of what you don’t like, focus on the 80%!  Your attention to the positive will create more positive!  Then, act and imagine that the rest of what you want in the relationship is there…watch how things that would normally drive you crazy begin to disappear!

Release Your Attachment to the “Thing” You Want

This may seem counter-productive to the manifestation processes listed above, but this piece is critical to the speed and outcome with which you attract things into your life!

Don’t be SO focused on your desire for it that you create energy around the fact that it’s not here.  Otherwise, it CANNOT come into your life, because more of the energy will be focused on its absence instead of the desire.  If you want love in your life, but you have so much thought, focus and attention on the fact that you don’t have it in your life, your love can’t come in!  Your energy is blocking him!  You must first love yourself and love the idea of VISUALIZING him already in your life!  Imagine him in bed with you, eating dinner with you, watching TV with you, going to the store with you, taking walks with you, etc.  When you do that in a fun, playful, UNATTACHED way, he can’t help but come into your life!

Other powerful tools for manifesting quickly into your life are:

Journaling:  Write about everything you want, and FEEL GOOD while doing it!

Vision Boards:  Very POWERFUL way to manifest things into your life.

Gratitude:  Be grateful for where you currently are, knowing that you’ll always want more and that it is a journey.  We are forever chasing the rainbow until the very end.  We are never done wanting, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy where we are right now.  Be grateful.

Meditation:  When we meditate and quiet our minds, thoughts about what we want flow in.  That is especially effective if you struggle with not knowing what you want sometimes.  So, allow the thoughts to come and pay attention to them.  This is part of manifesting.

Visualization:  Spend 10-30 minutes per day DAYDREAMING!  Yes, just like a child!  Return to that ritual.  It is a VERY productive use of time!  When you do that, you allow your thoughts to expand, and one desire will help lead into another desire, and so on.  You’ll get caught up in the dream and how good it feels, which is what we all want anyway…to feel good!  When you feel good, you are even more magnetically powerful because your energy field is wide open!

I could talk and write about manifestation every day!  It’s such a blessing and a gift once you know how powerful it is, and how easy it is to do!  Pay attention to your thoughts and your words.  Focus only on what you WANT.  Release your attachment to outcome.  Trust that you deserve everything you want and you are limited by NOTHING!

Manifest on!!!

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Quote:  “The moment you say it the skies will open for you and the non-physical energies begin instantly to orchestrate the manifestation of your desire.”  – Esther Hicks

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