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What is “flow?”  No, ladies, I’m not talking about that once a month occurrence that happens to our bodies.  I’m referring to the releasing of resistance, negative energy and uninspired action, and allowing your life to unfold each moment of every day and allowing the universe to guide you to everything you want.  Whether you realize it or not, the universe it guiding you anyway, but are you paying attention?  So, when you learn how to flow and you release the resistance, man… does your life get better!  It gets richer, happier, more peaceful, fun, spontaneous, and energized…. It’s incredible!  This is truly the way we are supposed to be living.

When I’m working with clients, I help them clear away the blockages and negative talk, emotions and thoughts, and I help them look at things differently than they did before.  That process creates massive, rapid results because they follow the processes and they WANT the changes!  They don’t want to be “stuck” in patterns any longer…especially in their relationships.

In relationships where there is struggle, 99.99% of the time it is because there is resistance.  One or both people is fighting for their viewpoint, and it is ego-based.  They are not open-hearted enough or not coming from a heart-centered space to be able to see the other person’s perspective, and that causes a rift and friction.  That tension causes the resistance, and there is no way that relationship can flow under those conditions.  Therefore, if there was a heightened awareness of FLOW and the way it works, it would make conflict resolution so simple!  It would make your communication and connection so deep.  The couple would realize it’s not “his way” or “her way.”  It’s just “the way.”  And the way is flow…let it go and flow…flow towards the easiest, least resistant path.

How can we equate this to our relationships and the way this is working within the universe? Time is only moving in one direction.  The water running down the river only goes downstream.  That is the way the universe works!  So, learning the art of flow is easy to do when you think about that visual.  When you’re struggling with a situation, with anyone or anything, you are fighting the flow.  You’re letting your ego get in the way.  The universe is trying to let it in, but it cannot come to you because you are literally blocking the path of flow.

Flow allows you to release and let go of the outcome of somebody else’s agenda.  Flow lets you trust the higher power and trust that it’s all working out for you.  Here’s how you can practice it:

Step 1: Close Your Eyes and Imagine It’s Your 80th Birthday

This may seem silly, but try it!  Imagine it’s your 80th birthday party.  All the people you love are there celebrating you.  As you sit there, in love and gratitude, look back on your life.  In that moment, you realize that everything you ever wanted has come true for you and you have never needed to worry about anything!  All your wishes came true and your life has been such a beautiful journey.  You are happier than you’ve ever imagined, and you wish you didn’t waste all that time being worried or upset, or that you didn’t spend any time struggling.  HAVE FUN with this exercise and do it as often as you need to!  This is a great “go-to” when you feel like you’re struggling with something.

Step 2: Do the Placemat Exercise

This is from “Ask and It Is Given” by Esther and Abraham Hicks.  In the back of the book, there are 22 Processes.  This is one of them.  This is SO MUCH FUN! Take out a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle.  At the top of the left side write “Things I Want to Do and I Enjoy Doing” and on the right side write “What I want The Universe to Do for Me.”   Under your column, write down the things you want to do and enjoy doing, and on the right side, list everything you don’t enjoy doing or you think is hard to do.  Make the list on that side of the page as long as you want!  Then, let go and FLOW!  Let the universe go to work on that list.  But, VERY IMPORTANT, you must PAY ATTENTION to all the signs from the universe coming to you…the phone calls you get out of the blue, the songs you hear, the surprises in the mail, the emails you get…all of it!  This is a phenomenal practice!!!  I use this process to powerfully manifest many things into my life.  So, let this work for you!

Step 3: Follow Your Inspired Action and the Point of Least Resistance

This sounds lazy and unproductive, but only do things when you are in INSPIRED ACTION!  If you’ve got something you should be doing, but you don’t feel like doing it…instead, you want to read a book, call a friend, take a walk, take a nap…do that instead.  Do not do anything important without being in inspired action, because the results will not be good.  It won’t be the quality you want it to be, you will struggle with it, it will feel difficult and challenging.  Trust me, I have done this before, and the results have not been good.  Follow your FLOW and do what you FEEL LIKE doing, and TRUST that the inspiration WILL COME and you will meet your deadline and get done whatever it is you need to get done.  This is so easy, yet people don’t do this.  They beat themselves up for being “lazy” and “unproductive” which is contrary to the truth.

If you’re not feeling the “flow” the answer should be “no.”  So, learning how to follow your flow will guide you to following your bliss.  Go with the Flow!

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Quote:  “May what I do flow from me like a river, no forcing and no holding back, the way it si with children.” – Rainer Maria

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