Learn How to Be the Biggest, Brightest Energy in the Room!!!

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Learn How to Be the Biggest, Brightest Energy in the Room!!!

This week, I’m going a bit “woo-woo!” Yes, that’s right, I’m getting deep into energy, the Law of Attraction, and just how POWERFUL we are! Are you ready for some fun?!?  If you don’t know it yet, you’ll know it now, but we are WAY more than these physical bodies that we walk around in! I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but everything is energy. Everything. If you looked at a piece of glass or a piece of wood under a microscope, you could see the movement. Crazy creepy in a way, but so, so cool!

Here’s an exercise to show you how easy it is to do. Hold up both your hands in front of your face, palms up. Look at your non-dominant hand. (For me, that would be my right hand since I’m left-handed.) Then, stare at that hand, imagining it is growing, your fingers are stretching far, far up to the sky. Your hand and fingers keep getting longer and longer. Then, hold your two hands together lining up your fingers and LOOK AT HOW MUCH BIGGER YOUR non-dominant hand is! It’s so powerful! If we can expand the energy of our hand, then we can expand the energy of our entire being!

So, if we are all energy, which we are, how can we make this work FOR us in our lives? The answer is to BE THE BIGGEST ENERGY IN THE ROOM!

How do you do that? Let me explain three ways to make that happen:

Learn How to Be the Biggest, Brightest Energy in the Room!!!

Set the Intention Prior to Entering Anywhere

Just before I enter any room — whether it be a networking event, a party, a family gathering, some place where I want to be able to be seen and see who I need to see — I always set the intention right before I enter to “expand my energy.”

What that means is, specifically, I close my eyes, I imagine my heart is lit up like a big, bright light.  It’s shining out through every pore, every cell of my body, then beyond the room I am in, beyond the building, beyond the town, beyond the city, the state, the country, the planet, and into the universe! That’s when I feel so EXPANSIVE! I feel “lit up” and like a bright force. By the way, we ALL should feel that way all the time. We have the power and capacity to do it, but most people don’t know that they are capable of that power.

Doing this practice has led more people to come and talk to me than any other practice. I’ve been asked, “Why are you always so easy to find in a crowd?” or “Why do you always get picked for things?” It’s because I do this practice. It’s not egotistical. It’s smart! Look, if I’m spending my free time going to a networking event, I want it to be worthwhile time! I want to make sure that I meet whomever I’m supposed to meet and support them in every way I possibly can.

Do an Expansive Practice During Your Morning Meditation

When you do your morning meditation, begin to incorporate an Energy Expansion practice into the meditation by imagining that the top of your scalp is opening up. Once it’s open, imagine a bright, beautiful light of liquid gold pouring down into your head and dripping all the way down your body, through every part. As it’s pouring down, imagine that bright, gold light shining bright, lighting up and expanding out like the brightness of the sun. Spend a few moments feeling and being brighter than the sun itself. Then, say a mantra “I am open and receptive to everything this powerful energy attracts to me.” You’ll become like a magnet for so many wonderful people and circumstances. So, pay attention to the signs. Some will be subtle and some will blow you away!

Put a Protective Barrier Around Yourself

This is one of the “Rainbow” Practices I developed and use in my life. I teach my clients to use as well. It’s not in the book, like the “Rainbow Breath Meditation” and the “Rainbow Ribbon of Healing” but I also have a practice called the “Rainbow Ball of Protection.” What it does is keep you safe from any negative outside energy. It doesn’t matter what’s going on outside of us, we must learn the art of not “letting it into our energy field” so it won’t affect us. That is what the “Rainbow Ball of Protection” provides for you.

Here is how it works: whenever you’re in a situation that has the potential to go awry or cause you any pain, discomfort, anxiety, etc., you simply close your eyes and imagine that a giant rainbow glass ribbon is wrapping around you into a ball. The ribbon looks like beautiful stained glass in a church — multi colored (like the rainbow).  It’s sheer so you can see through it, but it’s hard glass so nothing can penetrate it. The metaphor is you can see what’s going on but it can’t touch you. That way, you’re able to be in toxic conversations and situations without letting it affect you in any way. This is so, so powerful!!!

Expand your energy…because it’s easy, it’s powerful, and it is so much FUN! Try these simple techniques and let me what manifests for you!


Affirmation Statements:





Quote: “Certain people and their toxic energy can block you from expanding, elevating and vibrating higher. Detach and protect your energy.” – Unknown


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