It’s OK to be Mad at God…Really!

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God's unconditional love. Diane Forster Intentional Living Expert.

God's Unconditional Love with Diane Forster Intentional Living Expert

So many people worry about letting God down, not living up to God’s expectations, fearing that if you don’t live up to a certain standard that God won’t let you past the pearly gates.  I say, “God is here to serve YOU.”  I talk about and help others to find passion and purpose.

Did you ever stop to think about what God’s purpose is?  His existence to designed to help you…not the other way around.  This might anger some of you out there, but what if you open yourself up to believe that it is true? I think it is a conversation worth exploring.

Whatever you believe in…God, the universe, a higher power…there is no negative energy.  None.  Like I’ve mentioned before, LOVE is the only universal condition.  Therefore, God could never judge you or get angry with you.  But…that doesn’t mean that you can’t get mad at God

God's Unconditional Love with Diane Forster

Here are three ways to know that God Loves You Unconditionally:

  1. God Feels and Sees Your Perfection

God feels when you are in pain and truly only wants to make it better for you!  So, express it!  Anger and all!  Get mad.  Shout aloud when you’re frustrated, angry or hurt.  God won’t take it personally.

God appreciates hearing from you because His sole purpose is to give to you…anything and everything you want.  You just have to ask.  God needs your guidance…what you don’t want as well as what you do want.

  1. God wants you to be having FUN in THIS life

The bliss you’ll feel once you cross over from physical to non-physical again has been shared by many people who have died and come back to life.  They describe a level of love that is unimaginable and feelings of overwhelming joy and happiness.  I recently read Anita Moorjani’s book, “Dying to Be Me.”

I bought it a few years ago but just recently decided to read it.  I loved every word of Anita’s story and her description of the miraculous healing she experienced from a terminal cancer diagnosis to a complete full remission and return to a perfectly healthy state.  Read this book!  It’s incredible.

The point I’m making here is this…the afterlife will be blissful beyond belief.  It’s been said over and over again.  So, don’t waste time in this life doing things to “please God.”  He already loves and accepts you just as you are!  Have more fun!  Laugh and play as often as possible.  Enjoy your earthly journey!

  1. Sometimes It’s Hard to See, but God is Working Out Everything in Your Favor

It is my firm belief that everything, no matter what it is, is always working out FOR us…including our pain and difficult times.

However, when you’re in the midst of crisis or chaos, it is virtually impossible to see that.  That’s the time to express your anger and frustration at God and ask him for help, signs, clues to understanding why and to move you through whatever it is as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Recently, something very frustrating and disturbing happened to me related to my family.  I got in my car, and as I drove, I screamed so loudly to God for answers.  Why was this happening, and what can I do to make this stop?  I was angry and didn’t want to deal with this any longer, and I must have screamed the whole way home.  The next day, my storm had passed, all was well and forgiven, and I went on that day to write the complete outline for my next book and program on manifestation.

Boom…breakthrough.  It felt like God gave me the ice cream sundae, then gave me bonus whipped cream and two cherries on top!  I asked, He answered abundantly…despite my anger.

Don’t be afraid to express your anger to God…you won’t go to hell and you won’t be punished.  Turn to His compassion, generosity and unconditional love.  That’s what it’s there for.  We all need that now and again.

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Quote: “God will ALWAYS be there for you 24 hours a day, and He will NEVER get too bored to listen to your problems or heartaches.” – Unknown

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