3 Tips on How to Not Take Things So Personal

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3 Tips on How Not to Take Things So Personal

Not take things so personal

When I had on my friend and spiritual guide Greg Friedman on my show, we went deep into the subject of how to not take things so personal. Greg is the host of an amazing radio show called, “Inner Journey with Greg Friedman” and I have been lucky to be on Greg’s show a couple of times. We always have great conversations together. This show was no exception. If you’d like to watch it, click HERE!

Greg has interviewed Don Miguel Ruiz, whose book “The Four Agreements” enlightened me to this concept during my reinvention and transformation. Having the capacity to practice this skill and live this way is so freeing!

Not take things so personal

Here are 3 Tips on How Not to Take Things So Personal:

1. EED Process of Breathe, Think, Praise

I teach this process in my book, and I use several examples about how powerfully it works on negative emotions. It works incredibly well when you’re trying not to take things personally that someone else has said or done. You can get a copy of the book HERE.

2. Understand that People Don’t See/Hear Themselves

You can’t see the back of your head. That holds true for other people as well…they can’t see the back of their own heads. What that means is you can’t always know what’s going on with someone else, what’s going on in their mind, what happened to them right before you had an encounter with them, etc. So, if someone is being rude to you (flipping you off on the road as they speed past you), do you need to take that personally? No! They probably don’t even know how crazy they look and sound in that moment. Clearly, their emotions are running high and they are behaving irrationally. IF they could see and hear themselves, they might respond differently. Yet again, they might not. Either way, it doesn’t matter…it has nothing to do with you, so don’t take it in. Let it roll right past you.

3. Don’t Ever Let Outside Circumstances Take You Out of Alignment

This takes some time and patience. Make it a rule to never, ever let anyone else’s mood affect yours. If you walk into a room, or come home, or walk up to a group of people talking at a party or work function, and you don’t like what’s being discussed, walk away! Remove yourself from toxic people, toxic conversation, toxic energy! Your job is to stay happy, as much as possible, as often as possible. One of the best ways to maintain a happy state of mind is to be aware of how important that is, how good it feels, and that it’s your birthright to feel that way every single day. So, don’t let anyone knock you out of your state of alignment and connection with your spiritual self.

It’s worth being reminded of this powerful skill set frequently because when you do “get there”…life is so much easier, I guarantee it! Remember the acronym QTIP, and keep physical Q-Tips in your surroundings to remind you to Quit Taking Things Personally!

Affirmation Statement:

I HAVE TODAY to…understand that I am the only one responsible for the way I feel.

With Love,


Quote: “Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.” – Don Miguel Ruiz


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