How to Get Out of Your Own Way in Life

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While interviewing Mac Williamson on a recent episode of “I HAVE TODAY with Diane Forster” on I HAVE TODAY tv, we talked a lot about growing up with fears and anxieties. Mac grew up in a large family with loving parents and everything was great. He wasn’t abused or mistreated in any way, and yet, he still struggled with terrible negative emotions.

The one thing that ended up pulling him out of it was running. For some reason when he was running, he felt invincible. He didn’t use any prescription drugs or other alternative medications. He used his own body. I think that’s so cool. If you’re interested in watching the episode, click here to see it.

When I was preparing for the show, I did a Google search of “how to get out of your own way.” Over a BILLION searches came up! Is that crazy or what?! That’s when I knew we had to talk about this.

Here are my top three strategies for getting out of your own way:

1. Hire A Coach

In my opinion, everyone needs a coach. I am a coach, but I have three coaches. Even the coaches need coaches. You can’t read the label from inside the bottle, people. A sure-fire way to continue to get in your own way is to do things on your own and try to “figure it out.” It doesn’t work. That’s why coaching and consulting is an $18 Billion industry. Stop struggling alone. Even Mac didn’t come to running on his own. Someone gave him that piece of advice. Maybe you want a therapist or support group or some other form of support, but please reach out to someone to help you see what you can’t see for yourself.

2. Listing To or Watch Something Motivational Every Day

It’s your mindset that’s blocking you. It’s a muscle that has to be worked every day, just like any other muscle. If not, it’ll wreak havoc on you. The fastest, easiest way to help keep your mindset positive and inspired is by watching and listening to motivational material. It helps you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

3. Stay Focused by Letting Go

Have you noticed that when you have too many commitments and things going on, that you feel overwhelmed? You’re trying to multi-task, so nothing is getting your undivided attention. Boy oh boy, do I know all about this! What the heck are we in such a rush for to do so much?
If you can learn to “let go” of things, being able to say “no” to more commitments and people and to trust that everything that is supposed to happen will happen in divine timing is a really solid way to stay focused and on track. Let go and let flow!

The only one that is truly ever in the way is you. Go within and ask yourself, “why am I allowing this to happen?” and “what can I do about it TODAY to help me?” The three items above are above great place to start.

Affirmation Statement:

I HAVE TODAY to…be clear, focused and confident!

With Love,

Quote: “You’ve gotta find a way to get out of your own way, so you can progress in life.” – Steve Carlton

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