How to Find Your True Love

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Manifest Love Mantra Meditation

I’m going to start this with the one word you need to know in order to find true love.

You’re probably saying to yourself, “Really???  The key to finding my true love is detachment?”  Yes.  The reason feeling detached will allow you to feel true love (whether you’re in a relationship or looking for one) is because it means you’re not dependent upon another person to provide you with your own happiness.  And…the reason why everyone is searching for true love in the first place is because we believe it will make us feel happy.

True love DOES make you feel happy…but the love you’re seeking is NOT outside of you.

True love comes from within.  The love you’re looking for is looking for you…it’s called the reflection in your mirror.  It’s YOU LOVING YOU.

When you love yourself completely, unconditionally, unapologetically, JUST AS YOU ARE (not thinner, younger, prettier, smarter, wealthier) you open yourself up to allow you to love others the same exact way!  Imagine loving with no judgement, no expectation of them being any different than they are, and with the capacity to love them more and more each day.  That’s what happens when the person you love the most is YOU!

Selfish?…YES, IN THE BEST POSSIBLE WAY!!!  PLEASE be selfish!  Please learn how important it is to LOVE YOU FIRST!

The MANTRA MEDITATION below will teach you how to fall in love with you and with the emotion of love in general.  It’s what we all came here to do…to love and be loved.

Just listen to this EVERY DAY, and watch how magical the love in your life becomes.  First, with yourself, then with everyone else.  Watch how fast you find love everywhere you look.

Have fun falling in love with YOU!

I Love You,



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