How to Connect with Higher Consciousness

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higher consciousness

higher consciousness

Presuming you know that there is WAY more going on here on this human, earthly journey than meets the eye, you no doubt have heard and know something about our higher consciousness, and even more specifically, the collective consciousness.

I was blessed to have Amanda Marie Masters, who is a Master Channeler of the Ascended Masters, and an incredibly talented channeler, master healer, and practitioner of guided meditation on my show, “I HAVE TODAY with Diane Forster.” Amanda is also a very good friend of mine and a guiding light in my life. She is incredibly gifted and talented.

Amanda has an incredible story she shares on how her gifts were revealed. She shares the story on the show, which you can watch HERE in case you missed it. Amanda’s story is deeply touching, and I love her journey of perseverance and never ending commitment to getting the answers she was seeking!

We all have our own stories of how we connected with the higher consciousness,

and if you don’t have one, just wait…you WILL! Trust me, it’s coming! You can’t miss it!

My story is revealed in my book, “I HAVE TODAY: Find Your Passion, Purpose and Smile…Finally.” What was happening to me (or should I say FOR me) was the “voice” started out as whispers, until it became louder and louder, until my almost fateful “bathroom moment” when it was a scream.

My “gift” is I can hear consciousness. It comes in through my right ear, through sound and thought. It’s always been there. I just wasn’t aware and “tuned in” for a long time. I am now, and what a blessing and a curse at the same time.

It’s a blessing when I need answers.

I pray and meditate and then pay attention to the guidance and answers. Built in feedback…so awesome! The curse is I can’t shut it off. So, sometimes at night, I can hear all the radio stations’ music, I hear the sounds of a party downstairs while I’m upstairs in bed, with voices talking, laughing, music playing, I can even smell cigarette smoke…I kid you not!

Sometimes the noise keeps me awake. Let me tell you, there is ALWAYS a party going on! Mass consciousness knows how to have a good time! Why not,
right? And, no, I’m not crazy…this wasn’t always the way. This started happening to me AFTER the “bathroom moment.”

Think about you. Do you ever notice the “feeling” or “sounds” or just a “knowing?”

Maybe you can even “see.” That’s mass consciousness, or collective consciousness. Every thought ever thought still exists. Every word ever spoken still exists. It’s everywhere. It’s always all around us. The question is what frequency are you “tuned” in to? The higher your vibration, the greater the clarity.

So, the first question is why should you care about connecting with consciousness? Well, when you connect with higher consciousness, there’s a sense of peacefulness, a knowing that you are OK and that you’ll always be OK. It’s very calming. It feels wonderful,  like a warm blanket wrapped around you. It feels safe.

The second question is how can you raise your frequency and vibration to connect with collective consciousness? Here are three ways:

1. Start Meditating

Meditation is THE BEST way to connect with collective consciousness. When you quiet your mind and focus on your breath, you allow the space for connection to consciousness. You’ll notice that you’ll start getting “ideas” and have greater clarity. That’s mass consciousness showing you the way to all the things you want. Mass consciousness is guiding you to the fastest, easiest route to it! Therefore, it’s important to TUNE IN and PAY ATTENTION!

2. Journaling and Automatic Writing

Writing in your journal is another wonderful way to get answers and guidance. When you put pen to paper, brilliant ideas and insights come through. If you have never done an automatic writing practice, you may want to explore this type of writing. I love the way Julia Cameron refers to it as “morning papers” in her book ‘The Artist’s Way’  It’s basically the same process, and again, when you put a pen in your hand, put it on paper and just let it go, you’ll be amazed at what comes out in words on the page. It’s a fantastic process!

3. Get Outside in Nature and Look for Abundance

This is a GREAT way to connect with consciousness! When you spend time outside…at the beach, on a hike, in the mountains, at the park, wherever…and you focus your attention on looking for the “abundance” you will be blown away at the ideas, insights, clarity, and CONNECTION you will feel. I do this practice at the beach as often as possible. There’s nothing better than spending time out in nature to make you realize just how small you are in the world and at the same time, how connected you are to EVERYTHING! It’s amazing!

Assess your level of connection to mass consciousness, or the collective consciousness. If you stay “sleeping” in your life, you are missing out on one of the greatest gifts, guidance and blessings there is to experience on this journey during your time on earth. WAKE UP AND CONNECT WITH CONSCIOUSNESS!!! It’s waiting there to make your dreams come true for you!!!

Intention Statement: I HAVE TODAY to…know my power and connection to consciousness!

With Love,

Quote: “I truly believe the intention of creating positive change is so important to the collective consciousness. When you have a group of people that have the intention and the capacity, talent, and intelligence to actualize those intentions, then you have something really powerful.” – Jimmy Chin

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