People Can Tell When You’re Faking It!

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Ok, so…get your mind out of the gutter, or bedroom, or wherever it is right now! That is NOT what I’m talking about! I’m talking about your IMAGE, your BRAND, and your INTENTION.

I had Karlos Copara, Brand Expert and “Creative Fireball” on my show last week. Watch the episode of I HAVE TODAY with Diane Forster featuring Karlos here. We had so much fun together…getting real and deep about authenticity.

The purpose of this topic is to illuminate something I see going on a lot in the entrepreneurial world. Everyone is trying so hard to figure out their “niche” and to be able to identify and distinguish themselves from the masses. However, what’s happening is it starts to look and feel very inauthentic and well, quite frankly, fake.

I know what I’m talking about because I went through it, too. You get so much feedback from others, you see and hear so much “noise” on social media, it’s no wonder people are doing what they can to stand out. Without a big budget or a large following, how do you get seen and heard?

I’m still a fairly new entrepreneur, and my fan base isn’t big…YET!!! But, it’s growing. It takes time to build relationships with people. Real relationships. Real fans. Real following. Authentic. Organic.

Here are three ways for you to “check in” with yourself and assess your authenticity:

  1. When You’re Not “Authentic” It FEELS Bad!

You literally don’t feel good in your own skin as you hear yourself speaking to someone about who you are and what you do. They can feel that, too. Your vibration is sending off “bad vibes” and you don’t garner trust or believability that way. Bottom line…nobody feels good in those situations, and it’s costing you both! It’s costing you money and clients, and it’s costing them the opportunity to work with you.

  1. Ask Yourself “Why” You’re Doing Something.

Don’t you just love this question? It gets right to the core! Dean Graziosi does an exercise in his book “Millionaire Success Habits” called the “Seven Levels Deep Exercise.” He shows you how to GO DEEP into your “WHY” and it’s very illuminating. When you completely understand WHY you do what you do, it makes your life so much easier! You sell effortlessly, you create real, authentic connections, you become a magnetic attractor to others JUST LIKE YOU, which is who your avatar is in the first place!!!

  1. Just Be YOU Because You are Enough!

You are already enough, right now! You already know everything you need to know to do whatever it is you’re doing! You don’t need to “learn” more…just get out there and do it! You learn as you go! Books don’t teach…life experience teaches! People want YOU, just as you are! They need YOU and YOUR OWN UNIQUE GIFTS…because we all have our own, special ones that no one has quite like you! Just know that you are enough!!!

Being authentic and getting “real” with yourself…in all your “perfect imperfection”…is all you ever have to be!

Affirmation Statement:

“I HAVE TODAY to…be true to who I am!

With Love,


Quote: “If you’re faking it, people will know, and it’s going to turn a lot of people off.~Billy Eichner 

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