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“Some people think Feng Shui is about spatial alignment, but it’s really about looking at a person’s specific energy and how to situate them in their space.”Pamela Edwards Ryan (14:05-14:14)

What is holding you back? Have you ever considered that it may be the energy surrounding your environment? 

Feng Shui is a science that’s based on formulas and understanding key energy and how it moves through space. It’s an observation of how environment influences how people function in their lives.

Pamela Edwards Ryan and her husband Michael White-Ryan are founders of Language of Space, an innovative firm which accelerates business performance by using advanced Feng Shui principles in workplace and residential environments. 

Pamela is a master at helping people change their lives using Feng Shui. Since Feng Shui is not just about space but is also about who a person is being, Pamela feels that it is important to understand who you are in order to show up as the magnificent person that you are.

Pamela helps individuals to understand their… 

  • strengths, weaknesses, and more about themselves so that they’re much more attuned to which direction to go in life.
  • skill set, their beliefs, and their ideas about who they are.
  • environment and how it’s influencing their thoughts, behaviors, and the actions that they’re taking.
“The inner self is important, but also creating and enhancing the environmental aspect of your life is a synergistic way of tying it all together.” -Diane Forster (14:28-14:52)

Sometimes people are ready to make a change but they don’t know yet what that change is going to be. Feng Shui may be an option to help these people get unstuck and move forward, catapulting them into a new and better direction. 

There are simple ways to use Feng Shui to make a difference in your life. If you have been feeling uncomfortable in your environment, try rearranging the furniture. Moving your physical objects will change the energy in your space. If there are things blocking the front door, opening up that space can allow more energy into the environment. Try switching up where you sleep or work. Simple changes like these can create a big outcome.

“My work helps people see who they are, it empowers them to be the miraculous self that they want to be.”  Pamela Edwards Ryan (18:56-19:05)

For Pamela, living the I HAVE TODAY way is about being a person who is more cognitive and more conscious of the decisions her mind is thinking so that she is in charge of making the choices of where she is going to go in her life.

You were meant to live an empowered, full, and free life. Take the steps to take control. Identify the areas of your life that are blocking the energy the universe wants to bring. Rearrange your life, and watch how things begin to shift for your good.

How to get involved

  • For more information about working with Diane and to gain access to valuable resources visit dianeforster.com
  • You can contact Diane for coaching information at info@dianeforster.com.
  • To learn more about the EED Process discussed on today’s episode, get Diane’s book, I Have Today.  
  • Find Pamela and Language of Space on her website. You can also connect with her on Facebook and LinkedIn. 
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