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“The money part can be easy, but the getting there is the internal work that’s not always easy.” Nafissa Shireen (31:11-31:22)

I have today to realize how easy it is to make money. 

By using personal growth and subconscious reprogramming tools along with practical business strategies, Nafissa Shireen helps entrepreneurs create multi-six-figure success doing work they love. She is the host of Living Forward TV and the founder of Living Forward Business & Lifestyles Inc., an International Coaching Company focused on Personal Development and Business Mastery.

Nafissa helps others change their beliefs that making money is hard. 

The Biggest Challenge

Many entrepreneurs come from the corporate world where there is a complete emotional subconscious disconnect between providing their services and receiving payment.

It can be very challenging to, first of all, admit that you want to make a lot of money. The second big challenge is to actually ask for it and make the sale. 

It’s a matter of self-worth to be able to look at all that you offer, put a value on it, and then ask for that value.

“Look at the value we bring to our clients. A lot of entrepreneurs only look at the immediate result instead of the ripple effect of how their work impacts a person.”  -Nafissa Shireen (27:19-27:35)

Lose the Fear 

When Nafissa picked up the phone and made six figures in sales between Christmas and New Years, she learned that making the calls wasn’t the hard part. The hard part was getting over her fear of making the calls. Making money is the easy part once we lose the fear. 

When we can learn to value the work we do, lose the fear of what other people think, and not be afraid to ask for the sale, then making money becomes easy.

In the selling process, we will hear “no” a lot more than we hear “yes.” “No” is not personal and has nothing to do with the person making the offer. If it does have to do with your offer, it’s just feedback that your offer needs some improvement. 

Just Do It

If you have a desire for something, the way to fulfill it is here. You won’t see the whole pathway at once, but the next step you need to take will be right in front of you. Take it and let the path unfold. It’s scary. You’re going to have challenges along the way. But if you just keep moving forward, it will figure itself out. 

“You can crawl or you can soar. Either way, will take the same amount of effort, your mindset is the difference.”  
– Diane Forster (32:25-32:34)

Free Gift

Nafissa offers a free calculator that you can download to calculate the amount of money that you’re able to emotionally tolerate. The first part in breaking through that amount is calculating what it is. Along with the simple calculator are some self-coaching exercises to help you break through it.

You can download the calculator and exercises here.

You deserve to have the life of your dreams, and the money that it will take to achieve that life. Making money is the easy part. It’s time to move past the fear that has been holding you back to step into the life you’ve been waiting for! 

How to get involved

  • For more information about working with Diane and to gain access to valuable resources visit dianeforster.com
  • Learn your money set point with Nafissa’s FREE gift: https://NafissaShireen.com/moneysetpoint
  • Join Diane’s 10 Day’s to Your Passion & Purpose Program: www.IHaveToday.com
  • You can contact Diane for coaching information at info@dianeforster.com.
  • To learn more about the EED Process discussed on today’s episode, get Diane’s book, I Have Today.  

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