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“If you’re feeling resistance, it probably means that you’re starting to take risks and get out of your comfort zone.”
Elizabeth Pearson (24:05-24:11)

We all face resistance and self-doubt in life. Whether it’s in our work, at home, or in other areas of life, resistance can keep us from achieving our true potential. How do we overcome resistance and the limiting beliefs that come with it? 

Like many women, Elizabeth Pearson found herself wanting more out of life. She felt something was missing, despite having a successful career, a wonderful husband, two beautiful daughters, and a house in the suburbs. 

“What if everything you’ve ever believed about your life was a lie? You can feel and believe differently about anything and everything you want. It’s all about perception.” – Diane Forster (15:03-15:18)

Elizabeth worked with multi-million dollar brands like Wal-Mart, Amazon, Target, Whole Foods, and Vitamin Water. But a corporate sales career wasn’t the fulfilling life she’d set out to achieve. Elizabeth soon followed her passion for coaching others and launched her business in 2016. 

She’s now a public speaker and executive career coach who specializes in helping women executives and entrepreneurs increase their income by at least six figures within a year. 

3 Ways to Live Without Resistance and Self-Doubt

If you want to find fulfillment in life, you must first identify the resistance and self-doubt, take control, and stop them from holding you back from all you were meant to achieve. There are major ways to do this. 

1. Get the Support You Need

Most people measure their value by their level of activity. The busier they are, the more self-worth they think they have. Asking for support isn’t a sign of weakness. It’s actually just the opposite. The right support system helps you move past resistance. 

Elite-level athletes, executives, and entrepreneurs have all tapped into the power of coaching. It’s a great way to leverage the experience and expertise of others who’ve paved the same path you’re on. 

2. Take Some Action Every Single Day

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by everything you need to do. But when you break down goals into smaller tasks, it’s easier to manage and take actions that move you forward. 

When you set goals, create an action plan with small steps you can take each day. Commit to taking some action every single day to build momentum over time. 

“When you stop taking action, you’re dead in the water. Keep moving every single day towards your goal… even if it feels like a baby step.” – Elizabeth Pearson (22:31-22:41)

3. Do Something That Would Make Your Future Self Proud 

One day you’ll look back on your journey and see the obstacles you overcame to reach your goals. So imagine what would make your future self proud and do those things today. This could be scheduling a call with a coach or enrolling in an online course you’ve been wanting to do.

Thinking about what would make your future self proud is an easy way to identify the steps you can start to take on your journey towards creating the life you want. 

Everyone has some level of greatness within them. Getting the support you need, taking action every day, and making your future self proud are three simple ways to move through resistance and claim the success you deserve. 

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