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I have today to follow my heart to happiness, because if it’s not fulfilling, then it’s not worth doing.

“You have all these wonderful gifts, but if you don’t go out and offer them to the world, you can’t serve anyone.”

Christine Schlonski (16:17-16:26)

Christine Schlonski, a multi-talented leader in the field of sales success mindset, made the leap to reinvent her own life and found greater fulfillment and success waiting on the other side. She works with heart-centered entrepreneurs who love what they do but feel uncomfortable selling. Christine believes that sales is love, and that everyone can learn how to sell while being authentic and enjoying the journey. Her credo is, “Stop JUST Dreaming. Act NOW!”

Is this all?

After going to school and getting a great job, Christine began asking herself, “What else?” She thought that there must be more. This question kept coming back to her over and over again.

She landed a job in sales, a job she didn’t think fit her. But she was committed to making sales work for her, and she did. All the while, she kept coming back to the question, “Is this all?”

“We all have these moments where we ask ourselves, ‘Is that all?’ Everyone in their journey is going to ask this question.” -Christine Schlonski (6:46-7:03)

In the process of pursuing this question, Christine became a coach. Eventually, she was able to combine the coaching and sales pieces of her experience and all of the sudden it clicked- since she can’t manage what people think about her, why not just show up the way she is? After all, those who resonate and truly desire what she has to offer will say yes. Putting these pieces together was truly an “Aha!” moment for her.

After this, her life became so much easier. She doubled and tripled her numbers and really had fun selling. She could finally go into sales conversations with peace, knowing that the right people would say yes.

The Question Shifts

During Christine’s coach training, she observed that the other trainees had lots of resistance to selling their services. She had already come to realize that if you always give and give for free, as so many heart-centered people do, you don’t have the value exchange and will end up frustrated or burned out. Sales, then, is an important part of providing service to others.

It was then that she had the thought, what if she could be the solution for these coaches? The question, “Is this all?” changed. She realized there is more, but now how could she make it happen?

From there, she went into business for herself. Today, she has found that “more” by helping other heart-centered entrepreneurs sell their services by presenting their most authentic selves and attracting those clients who genuinely resonate with them.

How Christine Lives the, “I HAVE TODAY” Way

Every day Christine asks herself, “What can I do today to make an impact?” It helps her start out the day being of service. When you give your gifts by making an offer to the person who really needs it, you’re not just touching that life, but all the lives they touch as a result.

“When you make an impact on one life, you’re really making an impact on so many other lives, because you’re touching that person and the ripple effect is affecting everyone else in their world and in their sphere.”  -Diane Forster (27:49-28:00)

Do you find yourself asking the question, “Is that all?” What would it be like for you to start showing up as yourself, completely genuine and unapologetically you? It took this decision for Christine to find her true passion for life. You have gifts, purpose, and happiness waiting for you on the other side of your decision to follow your heart. What are you waiting for?

How to get involved

  • For more information about working with Diane and to gain access to valuable resources visit dianeforster.com.
  • You can contact Diane for coaching information at info@dianeforster.com.
  • To learn more about the EED Process discussed on today’s episode, get Diane’s book, I Have Today.  

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