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This week’s intention statement “I have today to magnetically attract my soul partner.”

Let’s talk about love.

Love. Maybe this word conjures up warm feelings and beautiful memories. Or perhaps you feel only fear, longing, doubt.

Whether you have never been in love and don’t really know what it’s supposed to feel like. Or, you’ve been hurt by someone close and now you’re fearful to give your heart away again. Or perhaps you’re in a relationship like I was in, unfulfilled, distant, and more lonely than if I was single. Maybe you’ve told yourself that you aren’t worthy of love, or that it “just isn’t for you.” Whatever your circumstance, the truth is, YOU deserve happiness and fulfillment, and you deserve LOVE.

“If you believe you are worthy and deserving of the most divine amazing love… you open yourself up to the abundance that’s everywhere in this world, including love. You will be a man magnet.”– Diane Forster (15:17 – 15:37)

Three Things You Need to Do to Find Mr. or Mrs. Right Under Your Nose

  1. Make Sure You’re Ready.

Have you created the space in your life to attract the RIGHT person? If you

aren’t ready for your soulmate, they won’t show up. Sure, you may attract men or women into your life. However, when we don’t do the work, we attract individuals that are on our current frequency, instead of shifting our frequency to attract the type of partner that we really desire.

What can you do THIS WEEK to prepare yourself to invite your soulmate into a divine relationship?

2.  Put in the Time and Effort.

Trust that the Universe is going to bring your soulmate when you’re ready, then get out into the world and meet people! In our current age, people have never been more connected, and yet completely disconnected. Meeting new people takes effort. Dating takes effort. But remember, marriage to your soulmate will require long term, committed effort. If you aren’t willing to put in a little work now, it may be good to reevaluate step number one.

3. Be Open, Vulnerable and Optimistic.

Live in a place of truth. Have you ever noticed that the abundance we

manifest, and the Universe brings to us, rarely looks like what we pictured in our minds? The Universe knows way more than we do, and will bring us what is BEST, even if it looks a little different than we thought. So, stay open! Remember, when you conceive a dream in your mind, it has already been created! Done. Just like that. You can manifest ANYTHING in your life. Dream it, believe. And wait for it to happen.

how to attract and manifest true love
“We came here as spiritual beings having a human experience, and one ofthe greatest experiences in this life is love.” – Diane Forster (4:50 – 5:05)

Loneliness is an epidemic. Please remember, even if you feel alone, you aren’t. You are so worthy of love, and being loved by the RIGHT person. It’s time to do the work to be ready for him/her. Meditate on it, ask for guidance, journal, create vision boards. If you don’t move into action to make things happen, it won’t happen. You have the beautiful opportunity to work alongside the Universe to manifest the dreams of your heart.

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