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“In the simplicity of life, happiness finds its way into the cracks of those ordinary moments that we can tend to take for granted sometimes.” – Diane Forster (2:08 – 2:20)

Real happiness comes from within you.

Happiness is the elusive emotion that we’re all seeking, but many of us are going about it the wrong way. We think that our happiness depends on external circumstances, or that we can fulfill ourselves with material objects. Maybe it’s a new job, a car, a house, or a travel experience. While those are all great things and might make you feel happy temporarily, real long-lasting happiness has to come from within you.

“When you emit to the universe that you’re happy, you’ll attract other happy people.” – Diane Forster (9:49 – 9:56)

The pursuit of happiness through external objects often leads people to emotional distress. Instead of feeling joy and satisfaction, people become sad and depressed, since they don’t have an awareness of what they really want. In such cases, it might be time to eliminate certain habits from our lives and create the space to be happy. When we remove the things that aren’t serving us well, happiness finds its way onto our lives in the simplest forms during ordinary moments that we tend to take for granted.

Habits to give up to create space for happiness. Here are 3 things you need to give up to be happy.

  1. The need to please others. It’s simply not possible to please everyone all the time. Someone else’s opinion of you is merely a reflection of what they are going through at that moment. The only reason for you to do something is if it feels right for you. If you’re doing something from the need to please others, you might be putting the wrong energy into those actions. Consequently, the other person doesn’t see your work the way you intended, and they reciprocate your negative energy. Always ask yourself if you’re doing something because it makes you happy, or if you’re doing it to please someone else.
  2. Inflexibility. No matter what you’re trying to accomplish, some things will go wrong along the way. Everyone has to deal with unexpected adversity at some point in their journey. When that happens, being flexible and having the ability to adapt becomes extremely important. Being inflexible causes you to have a level of expectation of how things are supposed to work. But nothing ever turns out the way you expect them to. They almost always turn out better, as long as you trust in the process, make necessary adjustments, and keep going. By being flexible and opening yourself up to new opportunities, you’ll be amazed at the coincidences that start showing up in your life
“Perfectionism is really procrastination masked. It will stifle your life and create unhappiness.” – Diane Forster (15:38 – 15:51)
  • 3. Perfectionism. There is no such thing as true perfection. Things are only as perfect as they can be at any given moment. Trying to be perfect at all times will keep you from taking action to move forward. It will stifle your life and make you unhappy. Try to let go of perfectionism, and do the best you can in each moment. Whatever you’re creating, get it done and put it out there. Let that piece go, and trust that it is as good as it needs to be.

While these tips may seem simple, they are extremely powerful. It’s in simplicity that your joy and happiness reside. If you simplify your life, you’ll create the space you need to experience happiness. Take some time this week to evaluate if one of the three above-mentioned habits are holding you back. If so, it’s time make a conscious decision to let go and start living a life of joy and fulfillment. You deserve all of the joy and happiness in the world. Clear out those obstacles. Start TODAY.

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