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“People buy based off of how you make them feel. The only way we feel is through stories. You have to understand your story in order to sell. That’s how you get your audience to love.”
-Abbey Gibb (16:04 – 16:13)

Every moment of heartache and pain, love and joy weave together to form your story.

In this week’s episode, Abbey Gibb delves into being brave and sharing your story to build an unstoppable brand of inspiration, motivation, and connection!

Abbey Gibb is an avid storyteller. For more than a decade, Abbey traveled the world working as a TV journalist for every major network. From interviewing presidential candidates to covering snowstorms in the Arctic, Abbey has seen and written it all. She has even won an Emmy for her work on an in-depth investigation in child sex trafficking that changed state law. Now, Abbey works as the Media Director of Business Nitrogen where she helps women like you become the very best version of themselves. Her goal is to help you attract the right clients and get them to fall madly in love with you and everything about your business through the art of storytelling.

Despite her list of achievements, Abbey remains wholly humble and honest in sharing her heartache and pain. She credits all her many “break-ups” including that of her engagement, body, and career as significant events that propelled her beautiful story forward. Abbey believes without those break-ups she wouldn’t have stumbled on her defining moment that ultimately revealed her life’s purpose.

“You break-up to break-through.” – Abbey Gibb (37:55 – 37:57)

Three months before her wedding day, Abbey had a change of heart. She decided marrying her then alcoholic and abusive fiance was not in her best interest as a 24-year-old. Though she ran away to start anew, a terrible sickness trapped her body. Abbey was diagnosed with Lyme Disease five years later. The diagnosis sent her down a path of wellness and nutrition to become more in tune with her body’s needs. But the most recent break-up turning her world upside down was that of her career. Abbey felt TV journalism was no longer her best suitor.

If you feel in a similar place or facing a break-up, I promise it will get better. But for now, let it be messy. It’s okay to allow yourself to feel all the feels. Abbey sat on the kitchen floor crying in her Target underwear spooning out her favorite comfort food of almond butter from a jar. It was a terrible sight. In this defining moment of uncertainty, Abbey felt God, a beautiful black woman, grasp her face with giant calloused hands and say, “Baby girl, you are a queen but you can’t build a kingdom on the sand.” Just like that Abbey understood her purpose. It was time to break-up to break-through. Abbey would build a kingdom to empower fellow queens in creating and embracing their unique story to build their unstoppable brand.

How to Build an Unstoppable Brand

Three reasons why your story is worth telling.

In the words of Dr. Michael Bernard, “pain pushes until vision pulls.” There’s a great big pile of no’s and yes’s we’ve all experienced in life. One after another they offer lessons in heartache and pain, love and joy. They are the events and moments stringing together a vision for your future and a story for the now. Share your unique story to build an unstoppable brand while you inspire, motivate, and connect with your audience and sell your offer.

Inspire – Spark a change in perception. Granted, some days the best you can do is throw a pity party. But try to ask yourself and others what lessons can be learned even in the darkest of situations. There is resounding joy even in the deepest of pain. Happiness and joy are not conditional. You have a choice. Preach that challenges happen for you, not to you. Stop kicking and screaming your way into change. The change is most likely not what you want, but exactly what you need. The universe is funny like that.

Motivate – Highlight the moments that catapult you into action. Remind yourself and others that if you quit too soon, you may lose out on what the universe has to offer. Be courageous! If you find something that scares you, do it anyway. Your example of courage will be contagious and encourage others to follow suit. No more wishing. No more regrets. At least if you try you can carry your head high.

Connect – The way that you really connect with another person is to physically move them. Stories have the ability to do just this. They have the power to inflict emotion. These emotions are what peak interest and grab the attention of a buyer. Make them laugh. Make them cry. Draw your audience in and keep them engaged. Share your story to open channels on another level of deep human connection.

“When you share your experiences, you give other people permission to do the same. It’s through being vulnerable and brave that your strength really shines and your healing flows.”
-Diane Forster (11:30 – 11:49)

I know what you’re thinking. Sharing your story is scary, emotional, overwhelming, you name it. Our fear of exclusion, denial, and separation, date back to our tribal roots as a pack community. We long to be included, loved, and seen. But when you choose to be brave in your vulnerability and share your story, you will inspire, motivate, and connect with people who are in desperate need of your light. That’s not to assume everyone will resonate with your story. They won’t. But, your light will find the right people as long as you put it out there. This light is greater than the value of a profit. It shines love into the depths of our fear and shame as a society, in the telling of personal stories and experiences.

YOUR story grants permission for others to share THEIR story.

While the art of storytelling has great importance to the entrepreneur, it is more than just a means to sell for higher profits. Yes, the key is to layout your hook by sharing your story to sell your offer. All three aspects are necessary for the healthy functionality of your business. But money is second in line to the effect your story could have on another’s life.

The universe won’t honor a brand built solely for the sake of profit. But the universe will honor a brand built on love. If your heart is in the right place, nothing can go wrong. Share your story to build an unstoppable brand of inspiration, motivation, and connection with others. Offer yourself in service to see all the universe has in store for you, your business, and your story.

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