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“By the end of this, you will see yourself in a new light – in a new, beautiful light. A light that reflects all your beauty.” – Diane

In the world today, only 4% of women consider themselves beautiful. It’s a heartbreaking fact.

The mission for the other 96%, then, is to work on seeing ourselves in a new light – one that shows us how truly beautiful we are.

The definition of the word “beautiful” is, “Pleasing and delighting the senses or mind aesthetically. Possessing the qualities that give great pleasure and satisfaction to see, hear, and think about.” Based on that definition, beauty is a choice. It’s a conscious decision to strip away the noise and input from the outside world and to realize that the only opinion about you that really matters is your own.

“We are what we say we are. The only opinion that truly matters about myself is my own.” – Diane

Society bombards women constantly with subliminal messaging that labels them “less than” or “not good enough.” Makeup ads, photoshopped models, and media critique about our bodies can make us feel insecure and inferior, so we engage with the messages and buy or implement whatever we’re given. We do this in hopes that it will make us feel better about ourselves, and we compare ourselves to other women in the process.

“You are so incredibly beautiful. So unique. So special. See the beauty in you, because when you see the beauty in you, it will expand so that others see it too.” – Diane

Pampering yourself can be one of the most effective forms of self-care. However, it is so important to do this from a place of self-love, rather than a place of fear or self-loathing. We are whatever we decide that we are. When we decide who we want to be and consistently speak it into existence, the rest of the world will receive that energy and send it back to us.

You're Beautiful and Don't You Ever Forget That

So what is the view of yourself that consistently runs through your mind, thereby running your life?

There are a few ways to transform that message into a positive one that will help you claim your own beauty:

  1. Grab a mirror and look directly into your own eyes for a few minutes. As you do this, say, “I love you, [your name]. I really, really love you.” Say this repeatedly and look at your eyes, letting the edges and the imperfections of you fade away. When they do, you can see your soul. That’s who you are. Do this every day and watch your perspective shift in the best way.
  2. Pick a positive word that describes you. It could be “gorgeous,” “radiant,” “irresistible.” Anything that resonates with you. Every time you see yourself in a reflective surface, say your word. Pay close attention, and soon that word will start to show up in the way others talk about you.
  3. Commit to cutting yourself off from media about beauty that makes you feel bad about yourself. Do this for 30 days. No fashion magazines, no negative social media. Nothing that makes you feel inferior. Just immerse yourself in your own beauty.

A bonus step: Make a list of every little thing you love about yourself. “I love the arch of my eyebrows.” “I love the curve of my waist.” “I love my smile.” Everything you can think of, and then put the list somewhere where you can see it. Read it every day to remind yourself, and watch the list expand over time.

The universe loves it when we are specific. Speak the truth of your beauty confidently, and the people around you will reflect that loving energy right back to you. You are powerful and capable enough to control it.

Each week, we provide you with a mantra meditation, a fun, transformational way to apply the concepts in each episode. Tell yourself all the beautiful, breathtaking qualities about you, and watch your life begin to change! Listen to this week’s mantra meditation to recognize and appreciate your beauty. Realizing how special and gorgeous you are will empower you and let others see you the same. Each day, we are surrounded by people who are doing the best that they can. Listen in to this week’s mantra meditation, embrace self-compassion, and extend compassion to your relationships.

Some Topics we talk about in this episode:

  • Introduction – 0:45
  • Dove’s Doorways – 1:44
  • “Beautiful” – 3:30
  • Outside Messages – 4:30
  • Diane’s Shift – 7:00
  • Self-Talk Steps – 10:45
  • The Law of Attraction + Action – 17:15
  • 10 Days to Your Passion and Purpose – 19:20
  • Wrap-up and Takeaways – 20:00

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