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“I don’t believe in mistakes. I think everything is a lesson along the way.” – Diane Forster

Living life and doing business in a way that allows you to wake up happy, motivated and fulfilled each day is our goal, and one of the best paths to that goal is eliminating the fear of failure and being encouraged to make a new start – even if your inner voice is telling you it’s too late to do so.

Diana Sabatino is a woman who knows a thing or two about new starts. She has implemented three major pivots in her life and business. From her start in corporate sales to her brick-and-mortar jewelry business to Exsell Performance, her new training and sales development company, Diana has consistently pushed herself to provide better and more meaningful service to clients the world over.

“If you’re not selling, you’re not going to have a business, at least not for long.” – Diane Forster

The best business owners are those who live their passion and purpose and focus on the transformations they provide to clients. Diana’s motto is, “Live my purpose and thrive,” and she has done this for many years through sales.

Sales gets a bad reputation for being sleazy or manipulative, but in fact, sales is simply providing a service. To be utilized effectively, it is a skill that must be mastered. The key to is to make sales a conversation. When you focus on the needs of the individual and take the time to truly listen, you have the ability to take a genuine interest in that person. Viewing sales as a service to others can give the confidence needed to become efficient and effective.   

“Focus inside. You have to fulfill yourself before you can make an impact on anyone else.”  – Diana Sabatino

In your journey, it is so vital to receive the wisdom that comes from self and others. There are three main types of advice that can offer us support.

  1. Self advice: Believe in yourself, and surround yourself with a community of others who believe in you too. A good support system is vital and will encourage and uplift you. You should also pay close attention to your own judgment.
  2. Business advice: Just commit and do it! Focus on who you serve and how you serve them, and the money will come. Rather than waiting until you’re “ready”, acknowledge that you’ll never be truly ready and commit to learning through the experience.
  3. Spiritual advice: Make sure you only do the things that make you happy and fulfill you. Let your heart lead you, and live every day for that day alone.

Life is short. Find the things that fulfill you and throw yourself into them wholeheartedly. Find the new beginnings that you need. It’s not too late to reinvent yourself, so gather up your courage and give yourself permission try something new. You never know what might be waiting on the other side.

Each week, we provide you with a mantra meditation, a fun, transformational way to apply the concepts in each episode. Tell yourself the story of what you want, without all of the limitations, and watch your life begin to change! Listen to this week’s mantra meditation to grow in self-love. Listen in to this week’s mantra meditation, embrace self-compassion, and extend compassion to your relationships.

Some Topics we talk about in this episode:

  • Introduction – 0:46
  • Diana’s Story – 2:00
  • The Importance of Sales – 8:30
  • Pivots – 11:00
  • 3 Types of Advice – 23:47
  • How Diana Lives the “I HAVE TODAY” Way – 34:43
  • Wrap-up and Takeaways – 37:12

How to get involved

  • For more information about working with Diane and to gain access to valuable resources visit dianeforster.com.
  • You can contact Diane for coaching information at info@dianeforster.com.
  • If you would like to schedule a 30-minute strategy session with Diana you can contact her at diana@exsellperformance.com.

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