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“I want to show you how you can tap into your own manifestation skills so you can create the life of your dreams in every area of your life. Every single one. You deserve to have it all. It’s your birthright to have it all. We’re all equally powerful and deserve to have anything and everything that we want in our lives.”

What are the things you have been desiring in your life? A better job? A romantic relationship? To write a book? Have children? Perhaps run a marathon? Today on the podcast we’re discussing one of my very favorite topics, Magnetic Manifestation. What if I told you that you possess the power to manifest all of the things that you desire in your life? The truth is, the only limits we have are the ones that we place on ourselves. Manifestation is, simply stated, the process of turning thoughts into things. Period.

It is such a powerful tool, and it’s something I’ve become very good at, and in tune with in my personal journey. Today I’ll give you a clear understanding of what manifestation is, how powerful it is, and what it can mean in your life. Listen in to hear strategies that you can apply to your life TODAY to start manifesting the life of your dreams. You deserve it.

“The moment you say it, the skies will open for you and the nonphysical energies begin instantly to orchestrate the manifestation of your desire. –Esther Hicks


In my Love It! Think It! Bring It! Segments, I give you three simple statements to start speaking over your life, to help shift your mindset and change the course of this aspect of your life. Below are the statements from this episode.

Love It! Statement – I love the way the Law of Attraction and Manifestation work for me.

Think It! Statement – I live in appreciation for all I have and all that’s coming to me.

Bring It! Statement – I have the power to magnetically attract everything I want with no limitations.


“There is nothing that’s stopping you from having it all other than your limiting beliefs. We think things have to be hard. And I’ve said this before, it’s just as easy to manifest a penny on the street as it is a million dollar mansion. But our belief associated with it, that it’s hard, or we don’t deserve it, stops us from doing it. It literally halts the energy.”

Below are three steps that I have given you to help you start manifesting the life you want.

  1. Focus on where you are going and what you want, not where you are and what you have.
  2. Talk about your life as if you already have what you want.
  3. Release your attachment to the thing that you want.


“Focus on where you are going and what you want and not where you are and what you have.”

Each week I end our time together with a mantra meditation, as creative and transformative way for you to apply this episode to your life. Listen to it, apply it, and start seeing the life that you want manifest in front of you!

Some Topics we talk about in this episode:

  • Introduction – 0:43
  • What is Manifestation? – 6:48
  • An Example of Manifestation in My Life – 9:28
  • The Universe is Already Creating What You Want – 13:35
  • Three Steps to Start Manifesting the Life You Want – 14:39
  • How Letting Go Actually Helps Manifest Our Desires – 21:29
  • Other Powerful Tools to Aid Manifestation – 25:29
  • Today’s Quote and Love It! Think It! Bring It! Statements – 27:32
  • Wrap-up, Recap and Takeaways – 29:30
  • Today’s Mantra Meditation – 34:52

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