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“We are so much more magnificent than we think we are.”Werner Berger (25:40 – 25:43)

A Guinness World Records holder shares the secret to overcoming.

Werner Berger is guaranteed to be unlike any senior citizen you’ll ever meet. 

While other 82-year-olds will relax on pristine beaches this summer, the Founder and President of Meet Me at the Top and Strategic Results International will lead a trek up Mt. Kilimanjaro for the ninth time.

This comes as no surprise, given the history of the South African native. In 2007, Werner set the Guinness World Record for being the oldest person at the age of 69 to have climbed all of the highest mountains on each continent. Werner now relates his life experiences from that of a seasoned mountaineer to a successful entrepreneur and inspires others to climb their way to confidence. He believes that everybody, including you, are a leader meant for a great impact!

“We are all leaders. We are the leaders of our lives.” – Diane Forster (8:05 – 8:09)

Are you ready to be the leader you were meant to be? 

Let’s conquer that mountain of self-doubt one step at a time!

Here are three self-affirmations for you to gain the confidence you need.

1. I am the master of my life. Life is a journey. A journey that is mostly controlled by you! Take ownership of the responsibility you have, especially in the care of your body. Challenge yourself in exciting ways but always remain physically active. “I’ve spoken to people with millions of dollars in the bank that would gladly give up their riches to have another 10 and 20 years of healthy living,” says Werner, “If you don’t have your health, then you really have nothing.”

2. I choose to live in the present. With the dawn of technology, most individuals in the 21st century are terrible at seizing the moment. Werner admits he was out of tune until he started high altitude climbing. “When you are on a mountain, you aren’t thinking about yesterday, in fact, there is no yesterday,” Werner explains, “The only thing you are thinking about or aware of is the present.” It became addictive. If you want to actually enjoy accomplishments, feel experiences, and nurture quick responses like a leader, then be in the here and now.

3. I have the power to get myself out of a funk at a moment’s notice. It’s inevitable you will reach moments of depression, anxiety, and overwhelm self-doubt. Guess what? No human is immune to these experiences! Even people in the senior levels, think they’re imposters who aren’t good enough! The secret is to realize you have the power to change and refocus. “I did not know I had that power,” Werner reflects, “that’s what I learned from the mountain.”

“It really is so stunning. To be in that space, sometimes so exhausted where you fear you can’t take another step…and you can! Because your body can adapt, can adjust, can do what it needs to do.” -Werner Berger (24:32 – 24:50)

The secret is you and your body are far more capable than you think. 

Do you believe it?

A trek up Mt. Everest with Werner in April 2020 might do you some good. It would definitely be a powerful life-changing opportunity for you to awaken the leader within. But if you aren’t ready to commit, then start with some mindset work. You have today to build your confidence with each and every step along the way! 

Recite Werner’s three self-affirmations daily to encourage a radical transformation for the greatest impact in your personal life and career. Dig deep to embrace the truth of who you really are. 

You are a leader.

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