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“You have something that is a gift that comes very easy for you. Oftentimes either we don’t know what that means to us in our lives, or we take it for granted, and we miss it. ” – Lisa

The intention of TODAY’s episode is: I have today to release inherited money blocks and attract more abundance.

Money. For most, just saying the word conjures up a wide range of emotions. While some individuals find joy, success, and happiness, many identify feeling overwhelmed, fear, or the feeling of being trapped. While some of our beliefs regarding money can be traced back to our formative years, some of our problems with money began before we were even born. Lisa Thomas, a successful transformational energy healer, has found beliefs surrounding money can be tied to our lineage, which can span through generations.

Lisa works with talented individuals from all walks of life. Her clientele includes business owners, individuals in the entertainment industry, and even families. The mission is to empower individuals to reach their full potential by releasing emotional blocks, fear of success, anxiety, procrastination, fear of public speaking, money blocks, relational drama, and business stagnation. Lisa’s goal is to help her clients be seen, known, and heard for who they are, help them to use their gifts and talents more confidently, and be in full alignment with their soul’s purpose.

“You can have all the quadrants of your life be balanced. Sometimes there is ebb and flow, but we don’t have to agree with the belief that we can be balanced in one area of our life, but not find abundance in all.”  – Lisa

You don’t have to live the rest of your life stuck in the mindset of your family lineage. As a result of releasing the negative beliefs and embracing a mindset of abundance, you can find balance and success in every area of your life.

Three Steps to Release Money Blocks and Attract Abundance

  1. Work with an expert energy healer to identify your money blocks. Just as you seek out a doctor or dentist for medical issues, it is important to try to release blocks with the help of an expert.
  2. Meditation. Meditation is an excellent opportunity to gain clarity regarding the lineage of your money blocks.
  3. Practice automatic writing. Writing is an excellent practice to help you free your mind.
“In order to have joy in your life, you have to live in integrity with yourself.” – Lisa

If you are interested in releasing money blocks from your life, Lisa is offering a free “Money Healing Meditation” that you can download from her website. You can use this exercise to help you be grounded, connect your conscious and subconscious, and literally release money blocks.

Some Topics we talk about in this episode:

  • Introduction – 0:59
  • Lisa’s Reinvention – 5:17
  • Identifying and Releasing Money Blocks – 10:37
  • How Lisa Lives the I HAVE TODAY Way – 22:12
  • Mantra Meditation – 29:45
  • Wrap-up and Takeaways – 33:40

How to get involved

  • Feeling stuck? Do you have a lack of clarity about what you really want? Get the 10 Days to Your Passion Program including 10 videos and 10 journal entries for only $10. Give yourself the gift of understanding! You can find this resource and more at dianeforster.com
  • You can contact Diane for coaching information at info@dianeforster.com.

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