Charge What You’re Worth and Ask for It Confidently

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Charge What You’re Worth and Ask for It Confidently

Charge What You’re Worth and Ask for It Confidently


I just returned from a weekend event put on by my friend and a woman I respect tremendously.  Jennifer Diepstraten is the CEO of High Ticket Success Sales. She put on a wonderful event called, “Feel Great Selling!”  She was also recently a guest on my show, “I Have Today with Diane Forster.” Jennifer is an absolute expert at helping people determine what their products and services are worth and creating ways to sell more while feeling really good doing it.

A lot of people say that they don’t like to sell, or to sound too “salesly.”  They also have so many limiting beliefs around money! They don’t feel worthy of making a lot of money, or they were raised to believe that it’s greedy to want money.  Perhaps they didn’t have much, so they have no idea what being that “Millionaire” they dream of would be like. So, they don’t dare to ever really FEEL like one, which means they will never, ever get there.  You can’t have what you don’t feel, see, and believe you can have.

Because of these limiting beliefs, so many entrepreneurs are offering their products and services well below their value, and it’s costing them more than just financial woes.  It’s imperative to charge what you are worth and do it with confidence and conviction. Here are three reasons why it’s so important to do so.

Charge What You’re Worth and Ask for It Confidently

Time is Your Most Precious Commodity

You can always make more money, but you can never get TODAY back.  Once the day is done, it’s gone forever. Your time is THE most valuable thing you have!  If you aren’t maximizing and leveraging your time, you could be wasting precious hours, days, weeks, months, years of your life!  Think about it…take a look at the way you use your time now. Are you spending most of it, the majority of it, doing what you LOVE to do and feeling GOOD about it?  If you aren’t, you are wasting your time, wasting your life! You don’t have a single day of life to waste! If you’re not doing something you love and loving what you do, TODAY is the time to change it!  

You Are More Knowledgeable, Talented and Experienced Than You Know

No two people are alike.  No two perspectives, opinions, knowledge, experience, skills, talents, gifts.  You are so uniquely talented, skilled and gifted in so many ways! When things come to us naturally, like second-nature, we don’t put any value on that.  We assume, “doesn’t everybody think like this?” The answer is NO, they don’t! If you want to know how knowledgeable, talented and experienced you are, think about all the things you love doing, can do for long periods of time, or you can do very quickly and creatively.  Those are your unique gifts and skills. People will pay handsomely for what you do. You just have to figure out what that is, fine tune it, and package it in an appealing, irresistible way. I help my clients do this all the time! When they see just how much VALUE they offer to someone, they get so excited!

When You Don’t Charge Enough, You Devalue Yourself

Have you ever been on the receiving end of a buy/sell conversation, and the person in front of you kept lowering the price, or throwing in more bonuses, despite the fact that you were saying, “no, thank you.”  How did that make you feel? Did that instill any confidence in you that what was being offered was valuable? Probably not! Well, that’s what the potential buyer is thinking on their end when you discount your prices.  

There’s a perception…the more you charge, the more you must be worth.  And you are! You are worth it! If you take the time to lay out all your assets, benefits, skills, talents, gifts, your value can’t help but increase dramatically!  So, stop cutting your rates! It’s not adding to your value…or your bottom line!

Selling is fun.  It is easy. It is “being in service.”  Selling is a part of life. Every conversation is a buy/sell conversation.  Think about it. Are you asking for what you’re worth? If you don’t believe you are, TODAY is the perfect day to take a look at that and make a change.

Intention Statement:  I HAVE TODAY to…serve in a really great way while being paid handsomely.

With Love,



Quote:  “Until you value yourself, you won’t value your time. Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it. ” ~ M. Scott Peck


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