3 Ways to Pay Closer Attention to the Signs

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Diane Forster Intentional Living Expert

Do you ever notice the signs that are all around you?  Take numbers, for instance.  Do you ever see the same patterns of numbers?  For me, I see 8’s and 4’s everywhere.  If you follow astrology or angel numbers, then you know what the numbers represent.  If not, 8 is the sign of infinity and represents unlimited abundance.  It’s also associated with business, success and wealth.   The number 4 means that angels are around you (I always feel Archangel Michael around me), and it also represents stability, calmness and being grounded.  The number 4 is also the earth’s number…4 seasons, 4 directions, 4 elements.

Whenever I see them together, 84, 48, 484, 848, 488 etc., I feel my angels letting me know that they “have my back” and are watching over me and guiding me.  I smile and feel the love, and I pay attention to what I’m thinking and what I’m doing at the time.

What numbers do you see, and what do they represent to you?  If you don’t know, start paying attention to them.  I promise you, you have certain numbers that show up in your life.  Do you ever see number patterns, like 11:11 on the clock or 123?  If you notice patterns like this, you’re being guided!  If you don’t know what the numbers mean, google them to find out what the message is you’re supposed to be receiving.

What about music?  Have you ever noticed that you may be thinking about someone, then, all of a sudden, a song comes on that reminds you of them?  Or conversely, you will hear a song and think about someone and then shortly thereafter, you’ll hear from them.  Music is one of the ways the universe guides us.  We hear the music, and we become transformed into another time…sometimes it’s a memory from the past, and sometimes it’s a vision or daydream in the future.  That is guidance.  We need to pay attention to our thoughts and emotions in those moments and think about what the deeper meaning could be.   

There are other signs, too.  Just like with numbers and music, you may have noticed patterns when the same word or phrase, name, or person keeps coming up.  That’s a sign you need to do something about that and take some action!  It might be to reach out to that person.  It might be to commit to something or release something.  When you see and/or hear something two or three times, or more, that is definitely worth noting to pay attention!

Do you ever hear “that little voice” leading you to go one way instead of another, or do something different while you’re doing something else?  I hear voices all the time, and no, I’m not crazy.  I hear the inner voice that is literally guiding me and pointing me in the right direction.  I am not special, though.  We all have that power to tune in and hear.   

All of these things are signs.  These signs are little clues from the universe that is trying to light up and guide your path.  There are two ways to do things…the easy way, or the more difficult way.  When you pay attention to these little clues and follow the signs, your life moves in a much more effortless fashion.

The problem is most people don’t realize this is happening, and therefore, they miss the signs right in front of them.

Let me tell you how you can create greater awareness of the signs all around you so that you can move through your life with much greater ease.  Last week, the subject was about inner guidance and intuition.  This week, it’s about the outside guidance.  When we pay attention to the outside signs AND tune in to our inner guidance…WHOA, magic happens!

Break Patterns

First, in order to become more aware of these signs, one of the best ways to create awareness is to break patterns and do things differently.  For instance, sleep on the opposite side of the bed than you normally do, brush your teeth with your other hand, mix up your morning routine, take a different route to work.  By changing up your routine, you’re breaking your patterns of unconscious behavior, which stems from the basal ganglia part of the brain.  What happens is we get stuck in a rut, and when we do, we go into cruise control mode.  We do things out of habit and our brains fall asleep.  We get stuck in our own little bubble of a world, so we can’t see so many of the signs right in front of us.  By shaking up your routine, we activate the frontal cortex of the brain, responsible for making decisions, and we can see things more clearly, like the signs!

Know and Believe That Something Much Greater Exists

Second, I hope that if you’re reading this, you know and believe that something much greater is going on in this world than what we can plainly see with our eyes and hear with our ears.  With that said, the universal forces and energy are positive and filled with love.  The signs we receive are for our own good, for our well-being, and for our protection.  The reason I say all of this is because I work with many clients who feel like the whole world is against them.  They feel so stuck and depressed, and they believe that nothing will ever go right for them.  This could not be further from the truth.  I do my best to guide them to instead believe that things are actually always working out for them, but it’s their limiting beliefs, and lack of faith and trust that they are so divinely loved and supported by the universe that keeps all the abundance that they desire away from them.  All I can say is that my words will not teach, but I hope these words influence and create an opportunity within you to be open to the possibilities.  None of us want to live this life alone, and when we realize that we are never, ever, ever truly alone, there’s comfort and faith in that.  Trust the signs and the guidance that comes to you.  It’s real.

Ask Questions Aloud

Third, ask for more guidance by asking more questions aloud.  If something isn’t going right in your life or you want to know the answers to the questions you have, ask them aloud!  Ask loudly and proudly!  Ask anything you want!  Ask all day, every day, day and night.  You WILL receive your answers!  You WILL get the guidance you seek!  But, you need to be actively looking and listening in for the clues and the answers.  They are all around you.  So, first ask, then pay attention! (If you don’t know the questions to ask, fear not.  I’ll be doing a blog on asking the right questions very soon.)

The signs are all around us and available to us anytime we want to see them.  We just need to ask, trust, and PAY ATTENTION!  Have fun with this because, I can promise you this, if you master these skills, your life will run a whole lot more smoothly!

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Quote:  “Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you’re riding through the ruts, don’t complicate your mind. Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. Don’t bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality. Wake Up and Live!” – Bob Marley

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