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“Cannabis is an alternative without the side-effects of sleep medicine and painkillers, and it’s something available to help women so they can help their families.” Michelle Patterson (6:37 – 6:52)

Lauded business and community accelerator, Michelle Patterson is the Chief Experience Officer at MyJane. MyJane is a membership community delivering curated cannabis educations and experiences for women. Michelle is the former CEO of the media and production company Women Network LLC . There, she served as the exclusive event producer at the California Women’s Conference. She is also the author of the book Women Change the World.she has also been featured on Bloomberg, CNBC, Fox Business, ESPN, Huffington Post, and countless others. Michelle stopped by the I Have Today podcast to discuss how cannabis is helping women feel better and live better!

Cannabis as a safer alternative to sleep-aids and painkillers.

Women play a critical role when it comes to the health and well-being of their families. They are involved in the vast majority of the decisions regarding their family’s nutrition, activities, medical needs, and more. But what about their own health and wellness requirements? Often, in the process of prioritizing others, women end up neglecting their own well-being. This has led to a number of women suffering from stress, pain, and a lack of sleep.

Today, the most common remedies for women experiencing a lack of sleep or pain are pain-killers or sleeping pills. While those medications might bring temporary relief, there have been many reports of severe side effects. For example, sleeping pills might cause sleepwalking, which of course has its own dangers. Besides side-effects, pain-killers and sleep-aids can also have unfavorable long-term health effects.

“Women make 95% of the wellness decisions for their families. However, if you don’t tend to your their own health and wellness needs first, you won’t be able to look after your family the way you want to.” – Diane Forster (34:04 – 34:21)

A search for safer alternatives has led medical scientists to study the potential benefits of cannabis, especially THC and CBD. Today, these products are revolutionizing how women take care of themselves and their families. Cannabis still has some social stigma, but research suggests that it can help women reduce pain, anxiety, and improve sleep quality. With new evidence, THC and CBD are slowly but surely becoming mainstream and assisting countless people improve their lives.

How cannabis works to improve sleep and reduce stress.

While we are becoming more aware of the health benefits of cannabis, something many people don’t know is that the human body produces its own cannabinoids, which are cannabis-like chemicals. The natural cannabinoids produced by the human body is a part of our endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for regulating various functions like sleep, mood, appetite, inflammation, and more.

Cannabis products work with the human endocannabinoid system to reduce inflammation, elevate mood, and reduce stress, among other benefits. Many women have experienced dramatic benefits from cannabis, especially in managing pain and improving sleep.

How Cannabis is Helping Women Feel Better and Live Better

Not all cannabis companies are created equal.

With all the benefits of cannabis coming to light numerous companies have started offering CBD and THC products. However, you have to make sure you’re getting your cannabis products from a trusted source to experience all the benefits.

One company that is taking on a leadership role in the cannabis space is MyJane. The company is run by a team of people that are incredibly passionate about bringing the health benefits of cannabis to the masses. MyJane offers curated cannabis products that are specific to you based on your needs. MyJane has a team of wellness advisors that you can consult with about your ailments. They will look out for your best interest instead of trying to sell you something you don’t need.

“As the Chief Experience Officer at MyJane, I solve problems for the customer, helping them sleep, or reducing their pain or anxiety.”
– Michelle Patterson (20:36 – 20:47)

Given what we know about the benefits of cannabis, there’s no reason for so many women to suffer needlessly from pain, stress, and poor sleep. We have to realize that there is no shame in using cannabis to improve our lives.  We should also discuss the reasons why cannabis isn’t more widely used to help women improve their health. If you feel like cannabis could help you, speak with a wellness advisor to find out what products would fit your needs.

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