The SPIFTER is a patented sifting spoon used for decorating fine foods. Culinary critics are acclaiming it as one of the most versatile kitchen gadgets on the market today.

It is designed with interchangeable fine mesh sieve bowls that vary in size. Use the right size opening for the right spice. For instance, if you’re using a stronger spice like paprika or nutmeg, you want to use the smallest mesh bowl.

For decorating sugars and powdered sugars, use the medium mesh bowl. For herbs, use the largest mesh bowl.The SPIFTER is designed with a long handle to fit deep down into larger spice jars and the bowls are small enough to fit into large jars and the same size as smaller jars, so there’s no spilling when transferring your spices from the jar into the spoon.

The bowls snap into place and pop out easily. The tapping edge allows you to easily put sugars and spices on your entrees, desserts, appetizers and much more. Plus, the tapping edge doubles as a ledge for resting on top of spice jars.


The Benefits of using the best kitchen tools like the SPIFTER are:

~ Precise placement on food…no mess and no waste.
~ Unused spices can be returned to the jar, so you will save money.
~ There’s no contamination…you’re not physically touching the spices.

Spice up your party with cookie decorating, spicy delicious entrees and show your guests how to decorate cupcakes like nobody’s business! Made out of beautiful stainless steel, so it will last forever. It’s easy to clean and dishwasher safe. There’s no other kitchen tools out there like it and everyone who enjoys cooking, baking and entertaining should have the SPIFTER!


Innovation Awards:

"We put so much effort into creating delicious meals, I believe they should look as good as they taste. That's where The Spifter comes in handy."

~ Diane Forster, Inventor